Theoretical-Practical Conference “100% Nonviolent”

13 December, 2011
14 December, 2011
15 December, 2011

The Grup Tortuga is a collective non-profit and non-subsidized, comprising ordinary people who has spent 20 years analyzing and questioning the violence in all its manifestations and proposing alternatives to build a freer society.

The Conference presented are structured through a central theme: Nonviolence, broadly understood as an attitude and lifestyle. We wanted to convey to a wide and varied recipient of the work that we have spent years doing this central pillar in our business and we think is essential in our everyday lives.

So, I invite all and all you to come and fellowship exposing their views with all the guests! In Tortuga not conceive of knowledge if not in a dialectical and dynamic.

Days: 13, 14 and December 15, 2011 from 16:00 to 21:00
Places: Theoretical, 1.4 classroom, bldg. Altet and practice ,rooms Lúdica and Talia, bldg. Quorum V

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