· Promote and encourage university activities in the cultural field with a commitment to collaboration with other organizations and institutions for the integral formation of the university community.
· Transmit and instilling values ​​of solidarity, participation, respect and health to the university community through cultural and educational activities.
· Doing sensitivity increase in the university area around our language and culture and streamline the process of linguistic standardization.


· Conduct recreational programs and dynamic outdoor.
· To inform, assist and guide the university community about the program of cultural activities.
· Plan, manage and collaborate with other organizations and institutions for the development of culture.
· Propose the establishment of relationships and agreements with various public and private entities for the promotion of culture.
· Conduct outreach activities that link the university college and the social environment to which it belongs.
· Coordination UMH Summer School.
· Coordination Classroom Experience.
· Ensure awareness programs about the linguistic fact.
· To promote language training activities in the university community.
· Encourage activities that lead to the use of Valencian as the language.
· Streamline the process of language standardization in the university.
· forecasting and scheduling infrastructure, material resources, equipment and space necessary to meet the objectives of cultural and university extension.

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