Summer course “Radio Workshop [Strangers in the Podcast Paradise: from the Garage to Professionalization]”


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19 June 2018

22 June, 2018a29 June, 2018


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Objectives of the course

– Know what the phenomenon called “podcasting” consists of.
– Analysis of podcast programs and platforms: from “Gimlet Media” or “This American Life” to Podium Podcast, as well as “Radio Ambulante” and “Cuonda”.
– How to innovate in the podcast format: production, distribution and commercialization.
– Different uses and realities of the podcast.
– Make a podcast.

Pre-enrollment: 25/04/18 thru 22/06/18
Registration: 25/04/18 thru 22/06/18
Duration: 25/06/18 thru 29/06/18
Hours: 25

More information in this link.